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Shihan Vijay Bhatt - 6th DAN - WKF

Shihan Vijay Bhatt started his career when he was 12 years old, first he started learning Judo and then Karate and Martialarts and Kobudo. Now today he has more than 200 students and he is 6 th DAN WKF. He passed Asina Karate Fedration Kumite Judege. He ia also connected with many social institutation. He passed National Fedaration Kumite Referee - A and Khata judge - A. He is General secretary of Junagah District karate association and also vice president of Karate Association Gujarat.

Soke Shuichi Nogami - Founder of Nihon Karatdo Shubukai Shitoryu - 8th DAN - JKF

Shuichi Nogami Founder of Nihon Karatdo Shubukai Shitoryu JKF official 8th Dan (Hanshi) JKF judge chairperson Nihon Karatedo Rengokai 9tn Dan Nihon Karatedo Daitokai President Nihon Karatedo Rengokai Vice President Date of birth: 1941.Mar.20 Shuichi Nogami started Karate when he had entered in Ohtani University. And he graduated from University, he established Nihon Karatedo Shubukai in 1963. When he was 57 years old, he passed 8th Dan of JKF official.

Renshi Kazunari Matsumoto - Internationa Technical Director - 7th DAN - JKF

Nihon Karate Do Shubu-kai Shito Ryu South Asia
Shihan Kazunari Kevin Matsumoto
(7th Dan JKF).
Kazunari Matsumoto International technical adviser of Nihon Karatedo Shubukai JKF official 6th Dan (Renshi) Nihon Karatedo Daitokai 7th Dan Secretary of Nihon Karatedo Rengokai Kyushu Association Technical chairperson of Kagoshima Karatedo Federation Date of birth:1965.Jul.15 Kazunari Matsumoto started Karate when he was 10 years old. He established his own Dojo in 2000,and he has 200 students now.
JKF = Japan Karatedo Federation.